9 Memorials For 9 Feline Lives

cat memorials

Why nine memorials, you may ask? Well, is it not true that the cat has nine lives? No tongue in cheek sentiment has been invited in this instance. What has been suggested is when utilizing or installing cat memorials some form of respectful recognition should be given in commemorating the cat’s survival instincts or its ability to survive. Of course, in today’s times, much of this would not be possible without your custodianship and the help of specialist veterinary surgeons.

cat memorials

In the medical sense, a memorial could be categorized as a full case study. It is good to have a full medical record of the pet, from the time it was born or brought into the home to the time when it reaches its senior and more vulnerable age. Like humans, cats do have its uniqueness. Each and every cat has its own pet personality. Each animal has its own quirks and pet hates and pet loves. It is good for the specialist vet to have a good account of this in order to better treat the injured or ill cat.

Achieving this kind of record would have to start as early as possible. By the time you have acquired your first kitten, you will have taken it in for its first battery of pet-friendly tests. Inoculations and immunizations are required to protect the young cat from all diseases typical of the feline species growing up in the urban or suburban environment. In order to preserve a wholesome household, there may also be the need to ensure that the cat is no longer reproductive, cruel as this may seem to all animal lovers.

Finally, it is not always possible to ward off disease. The mature cat is allowed to slip away peacefully and without pain and with dignity.